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National Credit Assistance is helping people everyday! We are an attorney staffed debt settlement company.

Our expertise and professionalism will assist YOU to quickly settle your debt to restore your qulaity of life in a matter of months, not years!

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  • No prepayment penalty
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  • 100% Credibility; Members of International Association of Debt Arbitrators, D&B credibility Rating, “A-” rating with the B.B.B.

Our Staff of Attorneys will help save you thousands!

As it probably is with you, debt is among the top concerns of many American families and small business owners. Families across the country have been struggling to make ends meet. You may have questions about your financial situation. “Will my family’s mounting debts result in bankruptcy?”, “What happens if our house goes into foreclosure?”, “How will my family survive?”, “How can I avoid filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13?”,  If these questions sound familiar to you or someone you know, stop your worries.

Thousands of Americans just like you have reclaimed their lives by avoidng bankruptcy with the debt elimination programs we provide at National Credit Assistance. We provide our clients with all the information they need to make well informed decisions about their financial situation. Make the appointment that can stop the worry and make you and your family feel safe and secure. Complete our FREE Debt Settlement Form to get started or call toll free 1–866–706–9061.

At National Credit Assitance we help people in financial trouble understand their options, make choices and take actions to prevent debt problems from spiraling out of control. National Credit Assistance consistantly empowers our clients to make informed decisions that protect the security of their families. We know that National Credit Assistance’s attorneys can help you address your concerns about debt, bankruptcy and foreclosure because our lawyers have already helped thousands of people just like you.

Is Congress doing anything to protect American consumers? 

The truth is that laws do not really do much to protect us.  U.S. credit card companies will continue to be able to engage in highly predatory practices.  The following are just three examples….

#1) There are no current federal laws that cap credit card interest rates.  In fact, CNN is reporting that interest rates on some major bank credit cards are now as high as 36%.

#2) credit card companies are working hard to invent all kinds of fees and penalties that will get around the new laws so that they can keep sticking it to American consumers.  For example, Citibank is now charging some consumers with a fee if  they put less than $2,400.

#3) MBNA, Citibank and Bank of America have announced that they are DOUBLING minimum monthly payments on credit card balances for many of their customers.  These increases have been absolutely devastating for many families who are on a tight budget.

The bottom line is that we all need to get out of debt and we all need to stop using credit cards.  It is financial insanity to end up paying two, three, four or five times as much for an item as it cost in the store.  We have been making the big banks rich by spending money that we do not have.

So if we are going to accuse the U.S. federal government of horribly wasting our money, we have got to be certain that we are getting our own financial houses in order.

It is hard to pay off debt if you have suffered a financial hardship or you are simply trying to keep your home.  In fact, many American families find themselves literally being torn apart by financial stress.

Unfortunately, economic times are not going to get any easier.  If you are able, get out of debt while you still can.  Now is the time to tighten our belts and to prepare ourselves and our families for what is ahead.

If you need help with a bankruptcy, a foreclosure, debt resolution, difficult mortgage lending or consumer advocacy law, it is never too early to talk to us. National Credit Assistance’s attorneys can give you the skills and tools to restore your good name and fight back when creditors become abusive.

We are a debt settlement agency. We help people avoid bankruptcy and obtain instant payment relief.  The success rate of an attorney staffed settlement is close to 90%. Creditors are under no legal obligation to listen to other companies if not being represented by an attorney.

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Success Stories

  • “My recent medical treatment had made my debts unmanageable, over $40,000 in medical and credit card bills… National Credit Assistance helped me avoid bankruptcy and settle all my debts. As of today I am making payments and will be out of debt soon.” Arizona
  • “Thank you for your help and guidance. I knew that you were a true honest company because you were willing to work with me when other companies turned me away. Our thanks go out to you and your staff. You have given us light at the end of the tunnel.” California
  • I was relieved to see how nice and professional the people at your company are. It’s been almost a year now and it brings me to tears…of course I’m always emotional these days. You have been inspirational to me and I thank you for guiding me through this terrible crisis.”  Florida
  • “Prior to getting on board with National Credit Assistance, I could not keep up with the minimum payments on my credit cards, my expenses. I looked around for help and found that National Credit Assistance offered the best program and lowest monthly payments!” New York
  • Thank you NCA for going the extra mile when I wanted to drop out of the program prematurely. Thanks to your advice, I was able to eradicate the harassing phone calls from my creditors, and stay in the program which saved me $39,000 dollars, and allowed me to purchase a house after repairing my credit. Margaret Cummings, Savannah, GA
  • I just wanted to write and tell you how much your service meant to me. When my wife lost her job, we had no where to turn, and our creditors would not work with us at all. The attorney you assigned us, always returned our calls, and helped us to fully understand, our rights, and the debt settlement program.” Sincerely, George Connely, Peoria, IL

National Credit Assistance, LLC does not assume or pay any debt, nor does it give legal advice, offer credit repair, or help stop creditor & collector calls.
Individual results may vary and are dependent on successful completion of program and ability to save funds.